Worship Services

Worship at FCC is a time to reconnect with the Divine, with self, and with others.  We value music, silence, community, and the proclamation of the Word.  Sunday morning worship is a time of celebration!

“Passing the Peace” is a central part of our gathering as well as an ancient practice in the Christian tradition.  At this time we leave the comfort of our seats (though some stay rooted to their spot) and walk among the congregation, extending the hand of friendship, often with these words,  “The peace of Christ be with you” and receive the words in turn, “And also with you.”  Sometimes people just say, “Welcome!” or “Hello!”  The words matter less than the gesture itself and while a simple gesture, its meaning is profound. By it we identify with Jesus, who offers “the peace that passes understanding” (Philippians 4:7) and we symbolize our unity as a community gathered in Jesus’ name.  If you join us, feel welcome to stay rooted in your spot and let us come to you or feel free to roam as many of us do, seeking out one another to greet in the name of Christ!

Offering joys and concerns prior to community prayer is a time when we have the chance to let others know of our burdens and our happiness.  Naming aloud what is on our hearts is not necessary for God to hear, but for the gathered community to hear.  We take prayer seriously at FCC, claiming it as our great joy and privilege as well as our responsibility.  Prayer is simply relationship with God.  Prayer holds us together.

The Communion Table at our church belongs to Jesus and, therefore, is open to all who would come and eat.  We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every first Sunday of each month as well as at other times including Maundy Thursday.  Persons of all ages and circumstances are invited to the Table that belongs to Jesus.  We take Jesus’ radical table fellowship seriously as our guide to understand that Communion is not an exclusive rite but an extravagant welcome to any and all persons who may be longing to meet Christ.  It is our conviction that if anyone chooses to partake of the bread and the unfermented wine, it is because Jesus invites them, accompanies them, and meets them there.  We celebrate the Lord’s Table not because we must, but because we may.  Come and eat!  (Mostly we serve Communion to the Congregation that remains seated, taking the bread first and eating together before then taking small cups of unfermented wine and drinking together.)

Every week we collect an Offering to support the mission and ministry of our church.  While we welcome your gifts, if you are a guest among us, please do not feel that you must give an offering.  Our members commit to support the church through their talents and treasures.  About Membership, if you visit us and find that you want to be at home with us, speak to the Pastor about becoming a member.  We welcome you to become part of the serving community that is FCC United Church of Christ!  We receive new members every few months.

Worship is followed by Hospitality Hour in the Parlor, a time of light refreshment and conversation.  If you visit us, please stay and let us get to know you better!